Shipping Option

Semo Jumbo Wolf wrapped up

We like to ship our plush in nice roomy boxes with as little compression as possible, however we understand that this is not always the most cost effective.

When shipping things, weight determines how much you are charged. To make this more complicated there is actual weight and dimensional weight (dimensional weight is the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight.) and you are charged which ever is higher.

So, to give you the best shipping option we give you a choice in how we pack your plush.

These options have an effect on shipping cost which is displayed during the checkout phase after entering your shipping information

We do pack your new friend in a comfy cotton bag, however the pictures below show plush without this bag to give you a better view.


Our roomy shipping option is the perfect way to ship your new plushy friend. The roomy boxes are made to measure as much as possible meaning there is little to no compression. This method keeps things like ears safe, though some flattening may occur but it is really easy to reshape.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • As little compression as possible
  • Shape is retained as much as possible
  • Delicate features such as ears are better protected
  • More expensive to ship

Examples of plush packed in a Roomy Box

Semo Jumbo Wolf packed in a Roomy Box Teddy Hermann 60cm Bernese Mountain Dog packed in a Roomy Box
Uni-Toys Jumbo Wolf packed in a Roomy Box Uni-Toys little husky packed in a Roomy box


Our cosy option is perfect when you are on a budget and want to bring down the cost of shipping. This option can bring down the cost of shipping by quite a large amount, but we can't estimate this until you go through the checkout process. This method does come with quite a few downsides which we explain below and some ways to solve them. We do care for all our plush so we won't excessively crush them and we only offer this option on plush that can be shipped cosy without damaging them. 

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Much less expensive to ship.
  • Compressed plush.
    • We won't excessively crush your new plushy friend, but they will be 'cosy' in the box.
  • There is the risk of their stuffing becoming a bit out of shape.
    • This can be easily fixed by a quick shake and cuddles.
  • Ears maybe come flattened.
    • This can be fixed by working them a bit with your fingers.
  • Fur will become a little flat.
    • This can be fixed with a good brush.

Examples of plush packed in a Cosy Box

Semo Jumbo Wolf packed in a Cosy Box Teddy Hermann 60cm Bernese Mountain Dog packed in a Cosy Box
Uni-Toys Jumbo Wolf packed in a Cosy Box Cosy packed Uni-Toys Husky

FedEx Box

Our FedEx Box option can be the standard for smaller plush or can be a 'Cosy' option for small to medium plush. FedEx Boxes are extremely strong and have the advantage of being charged by actual weight. This is perfect for small plush that don't weight a lot. When we use a FedEx box as the standard option, we make sure that it won't hurt your new friend, though some may be a little pressed from the side. This won't cause their stuffing to move or cause the fur any damage, they just look a bit silly.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Less expensive to ship.
  • Very strong box.
  • Can fit a few small plush in one box for great rates
  • Comes in a few sizes to fit different plush. Not really an advantage but we thought you might like to know.
  • Plush could be shipped slightly pressed from the side.
    • Has no effect on the plush.

Examples of plush packed in a FedEx Box

Semo Small Husky packed in FedEx Box Cosy packed Uni-Toys Husky
Cosy packed Teddy Hermann Sitting Tiger in FedEx Box Two small plush peaking out of a FedEx box

I have questions about these shipping options.

It's understandable that you might have questions about how we ship your new plushy friend and we want to try and help. Please send us an email to or DM us over on Instagram or Twitter with questions.

How to care for your new friend after shipping

We are still working on a guide and videos about how to care for your new friend, but the best way to care for them is with lots love and cuddles :)