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You can also get in contact with us using snail mail (regular post) at the following address:

Plakstraat 3, Winssen, 6645 KL, Netherlands

About us

Who are we?

We are a small company based in the Netherlands focused on cuddly friends for adults. Here at Little Husky Toys we wanted to do things a little differently by offering larger cuddly friends than most other plush retailers.


Along side Little Husky Toys we are known for world renowned and innovative cooling vests; EZCooldown as well as many years of experience in the film and photography business.

How it started

We love to go on adventures such as hiking, camping, climbing and caving in our spare time and my little husky comes along. After a while, I started a little Instagram account for those adventures. This inspired me to help others find their new cuddly companion.